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Introducing FP Markets

FP Markets is an Australian forex broker offering the clients of Affiliates and Introducing Brokers the ability to trade on many financial markets. We focus on offering a high level of service and distinguish ourselves from our competitors with long-term partner relationships and a highly personalised product offering. When you join with us you gain access to a growing multi-award winning broker with the most satisfied clients in the industry*. We support all our partners with advanced tracking analytics and state of the art marketing tools which are constantly updated to keep pace with the dynamic trading sector.

Are you a blogger, digital marketer, education provider or website owner?
Be rewarded through our Affiliate Program.

Affiliates have access to banners and landing pages to attract clients, while a selection of information resources helps you stand out in the competitive trading market.

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Why Partner with FP Markets?

FP Markets offers over 10,000 products across forex, index, commodity and share CFDs. With some of the best commissions in the market, our affiliates can track their gains through the affiliates portal.

FP Markets is ASIC-regulated with over 12 years of markets experience. Our comprehensive trading infrastructure gives affiliates access to state-of-the-art technology, easy account on-boarding and technologies to improve client trading and retention.

Introducing Brokers

The FP Markets’ Introducing Broker (IB) Program rewards partners with real time commission payments into your rebate account based on the trading activity of client referrals.

  • Highly competitive commission structures
  • Real time commission payments
  • Limitless possibilities with no caps on number of new clients or trading turnover
  • Access to a wide range of creative marketing material
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Affiliate Program

When you join FP Markets’ Affiliate Program you:

  • Direct clients to the FP Markets site
  • Track their progress through our easy-to-use affiliate portal
  • Receive your commission once they’ve traded

The Affiliate Program is ideal for:

  • Bloggers
  • Social media commentators
  • Website owners
  • Educational providers
  • Digital marketers

Members receive 24-hour support from experienced staff, as well as access to landing pages, banners, videos and other resources designed to engage new clients.

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What we offer our Partners

Whether you are an Affiliate or a member of the Introducing Broker Program, FP Markets gives you access to resources that will help you attract and retain clients, and keep you informed and supported 24/7.

Once you have access to the portal, you receive 24-hour support as well as analytical tools for tracking client trades and monitoring your commissions.

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Training guides, videos and eBooks provide up to the minute contextual information for you and clients recruited through your site.

Most importantly, you will receive a dedicated account manager to understand your needs and encourage your progress.

Become a Partner



Complete our fast and secure application form.



Receive your unique tracking link to start using straight away.



Track your referrals in real time and begin earning rebates.

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